What is the best way for a student to use Airstory?

I’ve just started grad school and anticipate writing a lot of papers – is there anyone else using Airstory that is a student? How do you use Airstory to write your papers?

Student Asked on February 1, 2018 in Academic Writing.
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Hi, jla – I’m a grad student too (just started in September ’17 – MEd, you?) I’ve been using Airstory only a short time and already come to think ‘how did i do my undergrad w/o this?’ Where I find Airstory the most valuable is the chrome extension tool – the ‘researcher’. You can install it on your toolbar and use it to grab research from the net whenever you’re in the research phase of a paper. Although it doesn’t clip from PDF files the support people at Airstory recommended I copy the clips I want from the pdf file and then paste them into one of the notes that the Researcher produces. As soon as I finish the note I throw it into the project (every paper is a project for a class) and voila – my research is organized!   SO easy! If I’m REALLY organized I’ll tag the notes with the area of the paper I’m researching and then as I write the outline(that’s a cool feature too)  I can throw in my notes where they belong. Really, it’s been a lifesaver! Good luck with your studies – I’m telling you Airstory makes it WAAAY less stressful.

Student Answered on February 1, 2018.
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