sharing documents makes me go AAAAAARGHHHH

There’s a lot I love about Airstory BUT…

Sharing and team collaboration is clunky at best.

I want to be able to share a link that people can view right away (right now I have to send invitation and the option to skip registration is not obvious to everyone). I want that access to be view only as it’s best for clients who are not supposed to change anything.

I also want teams to be able to access all the team files with a type of an access i set as their default and then be able to change the type of access in individual documents. Having to add manually everyone on the team to every single document is just tiring.

Clients keep losing links to the file or report that it doesn’t work anymore. That drove me to exporting copy to Word wich makes using Airstory a lot less interesting. It’s a very unnecessary extra step.

And one last thing… I want access type that is comments only. That seems like the best way to work with clients.

I have been using aristory for almost three months now so this is a feedback based on several experiences with clients. And those problems have been making me more and more reluctant to come back to Airstory.

Student Asked on February 27, 2018 in Feature Request,   Feedback.
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