Share function for Apple devices

I read almost everything on my ipad. The share function on Apple devices is very convenient and useful, i can send stuff of interest to my email or my Notes, or pocket to read later.

Gathering up research material using the AS chrome extension is also useful function, in theory. But if i read mostly on iPad, not so much.

Only hack around i can think of is to take a screenshot, share it to my photos app, then upload the image to As, and then add the tags. Can’t see that happening, somehow. Too much work, and once id take the screenshot i’d probably forget.

So my request is this: an AS share function for Apple devices (maybe Android too – but i don’t know if they have this function), that works like the chrome extension, enabling collection of research and then tagging, would mean i would be more likely to use AS for more of my writing.


Student Asked on February 7, 2018 in Feature Request.
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