Public Transit should be privatized

Yes, public transport must need to be privatized. It is very much beneficial for the residents of any country. The reason to do so is that the public transports are running on the roads in very bad conditions. Some transportation needs much maintenance and not be able to run on the someone write my assignment -Assignment-Clock roads with the desired speed. Some public transports do not be able to carry the load of passengers. It has been seen that many public means of transport become overloaded due to having excess quantity passengers. These circumstances give birth to too many severe accidents on the roads. It has been found that in these kinds of accidents many people got badly injured and become disabled for the rest of their lives. However, some of them might get a painful death. It should never be tolerated in society because it provides much harm to society. It is the responsibility of the government of the country that they should need to spend money in the rehabilitation of transport and needs to provide some new models of public vehicles to the residents of the country. If the government think that it would not be easier for them to do, so the government should need to privatize the transportation. Public transport makes the lives of the students more miserable. They got late for their classes. Because of it some of them on a routine basis miss the lectures. Because of not having an understanding of the lectures they do not have able to attempt the assignments by their own. They consult the services of firms who provide Help with the assignment which is an unethical way of getting marks in assignments. So it is the need of time that public transport must be privatized.

Student Asked on May 30, 2019 in Academic Writing.
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