Microsoft Issues Warning For Some Windows 10 Enterprise Users

Windows 10 remains a danger zone. A number of problems have arisen in recent weeks, with Microsoft also misleading about the operation of key services. And now the company has warned millions of people about another problem.
UPDATE: My thanks to Microsoft who made it clear to me that the RASMAN issue will only affect Windows 10 Enterprise. The problem also occurs when a VPN profile is always configured as ON. As such, the potential decline from this will be significantly less than originally understood. If you believe you may still be affected, please click on the existing link to Microsoft Reports in the paragraph below.
Spotted by the always excellent Windows Latest, Microsoft has told tens of millions of Windows 10 users that the latest KB4501375 update may break the platform’s Remote Access Connection Manager (RASMAN). And this can have serious repercussions.
Rasmon handles a large VPN. It is public in how Windows 10 connects to the Internet and is a key backdrop for VPN services to function normally. Given the astonishing increase in the use of VPNs from online privacy and critical functions to unlock Netflix and YouTube libraries, it has the potential to greatly impact the way you use your computer.
Interestingly, expanding the issue, Microsoft says that it only affects Windows 10 1903 – the latest version of the platform. The problem is Windows 10 1903 accounts for at least 50M users.
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