Microsoft confirms 2 new Windows 10 version 1903 upgrade blocks

Microsoft removed three upgrade blocks from the list of issues affecting the upgrade to the company’s Windows 10 version 1903 operating system.
We mentioned in yesterday’s article that Microsoft was not officially confirmed at the time users were experiencing new issues, even though they were at least sufficient to warrant an entry in the bug tracking list Have appeared
On July 12, 2019, Microsoft confirmed two new problems that the company considered serious enough to upgrade machines affected by these problems to the Windows 10 upgrade from 1903.
One problem specifically affects Surface Book 2 devices, the other confirms the reported remote desktop black screen issue.
Surface book 2 issue

Microsoft suggests that administrators who upgrade Surface Book 2 devices to Windows 10 version 1903 restart the device only when it does so or instead run a manual scan for hardware changes in Device Manager.

Remote Desktop Black Screen Problem

The second confirmed problem is that some Intel 4 Series chipsets affect devices with integrated GPU hardware that establish remote connections. The problem can occur for any device that initiates a remote connection, and users can see that the screen remains black after the connection is established.
When you start a remote desktop connection with some older GPU drivers, you may get a black screen. This problem can be encountered in any version of Windows when a remote desktop connection is introduced to Windows 10, a version 1903 device running an affected display driver, including an Intel 4 Series chipset integrated GPU (IGPU ) Includes drivers for.
Microsoft does not provide a solution for the issue at the time, but Gunter Born published a solution on his site a few hours ago that might solve the problem.
In addition to upgrading the graphics driver on affected devices if possible, Bourne suggests that administrators display WDMD graphics for remote desktop connections in the Group Policy found under Windows Components> Remote Desktop Services> Remote Desktop Session Host> Remote Session Environment Disable the use of the driver.
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