I’m a blogger and would love to know how Airstory is different form other writing platforms that are also free and easy to use – why would I use Airstory when I already know how to use Word and/or Google Docs? Thanks.

Student Asked on January 10, 2018 in Airstory Use Cases,   Blogging.
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Hey, RyanJayd – Thanks for this question, we get this one a lot!

To be clear, Airstory is friendly with Google Docs and Word – we’re not trying to move teams away from them. A lot of teams are happy enough with Google Docs – but their actual content creators, bloggers and copywriters are not.

While Google Docs shines as a collaborative online doc, it doesn’t actually help creators get ideas, research and other info on the page well. And they’re not building GDocs for people who write for a living; Google has been open about building GDocs for enterprise teams.

Airstory is a product built for marketers, pro bloggers, students, content teams, and copywriters. If you’re not in there somewhere, it won’t be a good fit

It’s a tool squarely focused on teams (or even for soloists who have 1 or 2 collaborators).

Here’s how:

– Airstory works in the browser and on smartphones
– It offers real time collaboration / editing
– It offers multiple levels of user permissions… owner, editor, researcher, view only
– It lets you set project statuses
– It provides a web clipper that lets you move content from websites directly to your Airstory projects
– It offers a plugin that lets you move content from Airstory to a draft in WordPress
– It has a Zapier integration for moving content directly and automatically from Twitter, Slack, Gmail, Typeform and 750 other software tools
– It lets you import content easily from your local file system and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Evernote and Box

We also differentiate ourselves from GDocs & Word in that we’re optimizing existing and building new features at fast pace… features and flows that content creators and teams need.

Airstory’s designed specifically for teams who have tight deadlines and need every possible advantage in creating amazing research documents, blog posts, marketing collateral, ebooks, sales pages and emails.

If you’re making living at creating content, website copy, emails and marketing materials, you should definitely check us out.

I hope this helps!

Professor Emeritus Answered on January 10, 2018.
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