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Our Raison D’Etre (😏 why we’re here):

The Airstory Support Forum is a place for Airstory fans to participate and collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about the Airstory platform.

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This Airstory Forum is a supportive and positive space for writers of all sorts to discuss how Airstory can be used for copywriting, content marketing, blogging, and academic writing endeavours. The Forum is here to help all writers learn from one another and meaningfully connect with others in similar circumstances.

At Airstory, we believe when you are open to collaborating and learning from one another you will create high quality content. (If it was good enough for the Inklings certainly it’s good enough for us!)

To this end we wanted to carve out an arena for Airstory writers where collaborative learning is encouraged and fostered.


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Posting Guidelines

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Please stay on topic – ask your question in the most appropriate topic. If you can’t find an appropriate category to ask your question, please reach out to Airstory Support, Sarah or Mickayla, and we may redirect you to another category or begin a whole other category.

When commenting or asking a question, please be brief and to the point. Questions and comments have no character limit but before posting either keep in mind the words of author William Zinsser (On Writing Well…), “Less is more.”

The following will not be posted:

Any questions or comments not related to the topic. If you have something that you would like to ask about or comment on that is not related to the material in any category, please contact us and we may redirect you to another category or begin a whole other topic.

Disrespectful comments. Please be courteous in your questions and comments, especially if you disagree with other members’ comments.

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Please do not post the same question or comment more than once or across multiple categories – duplicate posts will be removed.

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